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I'm a teacher, artist, mentor, doggie-mom to Layla, (keep scrolling to meet her:)) a total believer in YOU and your purpose, and lover of God! 



I believed that everyone had a purpose... and I was looking for mine.

There were dreams I wanted to see come to fruition but I yearned to be in God's will.  My decision to fast and pray for 3 days was one that was truly Spirit-led. 

On the 2nd night, the Lord gave me a dream. (I am a "dreamer" and the Lord often speaks to me in this way.) At the end of the dream, I saw a writing desk and I heard the Lord audibly say to me "Daughter, teach My people how to worship Me." It was the second time I'd heard an audible voice speak to me like that and the first time I'd heard Him call me "Daughter".


Those words touched my heart deeply. They instilled two things in me for the rest of my life... identity AND purpose. In addition, to my surprise, I learned the dreams I had for myself, were also God's dreams for me, only better!

It's been a journey that is continuously unfolding; a journey that has been the catalyst of my desire to teach others about God, His love, and what it means to worship Him, and to help others understand that true identity and purpose are only found in Him.

I want to help you find yours.


I believe we all have gifts, natural and spiritual, that should be identified, practiced, and used for the glory of our Father in Heaven. We need to discover our gifts, for it is your GIFT that will make room for you and endeavor to use those gifts in the sphere of influence that God has called us to. Relationship with God is KEY to walking in the FULLNESS of who you were created to be.

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As I stated, this is a journey. Let's move forward together!


Yep... it's Layla :)

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