Alicia Redmond is a Prophetic-Evangelist, creative, mentor, author, and visionary! Her own experience of searching for identity is the catalyst of her desire to help others understand that true identity and purpose are found in God.


As a lover of God and His people, my desire is to see YOU walk in the FREEDOM that was given to us through Jesus, his death on the cross, AND HIS RESURRECTION and BECOME EVERYTHING you are created to be!

I believe we all have gifts, natural and spiritual, that should be identified, practiced, and used for the glory of our Father in Heaven. However, we must understand that not everyone is called to minister from a pulpit. It's imperative that we each identify our dominant gifts and endeavor to use those gifts in the sphere of influence that God has called us to. Relationship with God and understanding who you are in Him are KEY to walking in the FULLNESS of who you were created to be.  

Alicia Redmond Ministries

And as you go, preach, saying, The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils:

freely you have received, freely give. Matthew 10:7-8

Alicia Redmond Ministries has a mandate to teach others how to worship God... that is... how to walk in relationship with God and become the "true worshippers" we are created to be.


In order to become that “true worshipper” that God is seeking according to John 4:24, we have to be FREE to worship.  Just as God called the children of Israel out of Egypt so they could be FREE to worship and serve Him, He is calling us to do the same.  However, because so many of us are bound by, and subjected to, negative experiences and influences in our lives, we are hindered from living the life of FREEDOM and abundance that Christ came to give us.


God desires that we FLOURISH.  To flourish means to prosper without limitations, to grow without confinements, and to expand without restrictions. Thus, our ministry is an advocate of renewing the mind through the word, healing the soul through prayer and the laying on of hands, and restoring the body through healthy living.


​Our ministry incorporates praise, teaching, worship, and prayer. We encourage the ministry and the gifts of the Holy Spirit to flow. We believe signs, wonders, and miracles follow the WORD!

Upon receiving Jesus as her Savior in 1995, through dreams, Alicia became aware of the Apostolic call on her life and has served in ministry since 2000. She was ordained an Evangelist in 2013 through The Apostolic-Prophetic Connection, founded by Apostle Elizabeth Hairston-McBurrows and was ordained a Prophet in 2016 under the unction of the Holy Spirit by Apostle Patricia Williams, founder of Prophets at the Gates Global International Ministries.  She has recently relocated to Cincinnati, OH and serves as a Pastor assisting a new church plant, Power of Love Church, where the Senior Pastor is Al Kinney.


He who lives, lives unto himself...

He who dies, dies unto the Lord.  

Spoken to Alicia by the Holy Spirit

I believe in a SUPERnatural GOD!

With Him, ALL things are POSSIBLE.

Just believe.


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