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And Then I Started Feeling Pretty

Uproot the Lies, Replant the Truth,

and Live Your Life in Full Bloom!


Did you know that according to one study, 96% of women in America would NOT use the word "beautiful" to describe themselves? Are you one of those women? I was. Trauma can lead to a myriad of issues within a person. My childhood trauma left me void of IDENTITY and for the better part of my life, “beautiful” was the last thing I felt. However...​


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Your Dreams Speak

A Biblical Foundation in the Study and Significance

of Dreams and Dream Interpretation

If you have ever wondered, “Do my dreams have meaning?” Well, the answer is a resounding, “YES!” God STILL SPEAKS through DREAMS!


Dreams are a powerful language of the spirit realm. They are a method of communication just like the language you speak, except it’s in the form of images. God will use these images to speak to you. However, we don’t always understand what God is saying. My prayer is that this book will not only help you believe that God is indeed speaking to you, but that it will help you on your journey to understanding your personal dream language and the messages you are receiving in the spirit realm.

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